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Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP)

The PSIP program requires that diesel and bus fleet owners conduct annual smoke opacity inspections of their vehicles and repair those with excessive smoke emissions to ensure compliance. The ARB randomly audits fleets, maintenance and inspection records and tests a representative sample of vehicles. All vehicles that do not pass the test must be repaired and retested. A fleet owner that neglects to perform the annual smoke opacity inspection on applicable vehicles is subject to a penalty of $500.00 per vehicle, per year.

Red Mountain Smoke Check 1667 Diesel Smoke Opacity Meter




J1667 Snap Test is required for all diesel powered vehicles, 4 years and older
(engine year), with a GVW rating of 6000 and up.

Mobile testing gives you the convenience of having your trucks tested and certified on your site at your specified time.

Our professional certified testers are available 7 days a week.

•The information is also electronically backed up for the convenience of annual service as well as security back up.

•Each truck will receive a windshield sticker that will show compliance and can easily be seen at roadside set-ups and weigh stations.

•Each truck is checked for the Emissions Control Label. We'll let you know which ones are missing or illegible so that you can replace it without receiving a citation.

Once you are in our system, we will proactively follow up with you annually leaving you to focus on your job!

We look forward to a long relationship and cleaner air for us all to enjoy.

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